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From John Henry Newman
to the Multiversity and Beyond


    Science, technology, trade, and communications now drive all aspects of life in the global village, including higher education. There is increasing recognition of a crisis in the very conception of the role of a university. Should a university focus on training technical specialists for a high-tech global economy or emphasize a broad liberal arts curriculum? Critics point to the fragmentation of knowledge, the lack of a unifying center, and the fast pace of scientific and technological change which requires continuous upgrade of skills, leaving no room for the integration of knowledge or the education of the whole person. Yet, globalization presupposes a better knowledge of different cultures, socio-economic and political systems, and an understanding of the motivations, nature, and purposes of human beings. The classical Greek paideia encompassed the education of body, mind, and soul, reflected in John Henry Newman's iconic The Idea of a University. Can Newman's ideal of the integration of all disciplines into a "wholeness of vision" and a "true enlargement of the mind" inspire the rediscovery of the proper role of a university of educating the whole person? Should a university foster greater intellectual diversity, cultural discernment, and character education for self-fulfillment and a more felicitous social life by renewing the dialogue between Athens (Enlightenment reason) and Jerusalem (religious faith)?

Keynote:  Dr. Ted Baehr, CFTC / Movieguide
How the Entertainment Industry Impacts the University"


   IDEA interdisciplinary theme endeavors to bring together scholars from a wide range of disciplines and denominations. We invite all colleagues for an exciting conference which takes both scholarship and faith seriously. Symposium Venue: IDEA is co-sponsored by IIR-ICSA-JIS in the City of the Roses--the world-famous Tournament of Roses, in sunny Southern California, with many cultural/sightseeing opportunities.  Abstracts (250 words) send to: c/o Dr. O. Gruenwald, JIS Editor, 1065 Pine Bluff Dr., Pasadena, CA 91107, USA, per e-mail (no attachments) to: IDEA (click for e-mail). Include: Title, First & Last Name, faculty or student, mailing address, phone & e-mail. Publication: Fully-developed papers will be considered for publication in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies XXIII 2011. Conference Web:  Registration: Symposium participants must preregister: $75 by 15 April 2010; $100 after 15 April 2010; $150 after 1 June 2010.


     Check-In: Thursday, August 5, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Hilton Pasadena. Reception: Thursday, August 5, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Main Congress Program: Friday - Saturday, August 6 - 7, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM. Keynote: Saturday, August 7, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM. Format: Multidisciplinary panels and papers. Participants are encouraged to attend the entire conference to enhance dialogue, synergy, and synthesis, as well as fellowship. Presenting a paper is not a prerequisite for participation. Indicate if you prefer to serve as discussant. Family members enjoy the reduced student registration rate. Audio-Visual Equipment: Bring laptop or flash drive if PowerPoint presentation. Cultural/Sightseeing: Before or after the conference. Optional Field Trip: Huntington Library,  August 8.


   Lodging: Conference participants should make their own hotel and airline reservations as soon as possible. Hilton Pasadena Reservations: 1-800-445-8667; 1-626-577-1000. Online: IDEA (click). Mention IDEA for Special Group Rate: $119 (+ tax) single or double occupancy/per night. Bring an alarm clock and a sweater or jacket for cooler mornings and evenings. Pasadena Visitors Bureau: 1-800-307-7977. Pasadena boasts a wide range of accommodations ranging from thrifty bed & breakfast inns and motels to luxury hotels. Ground Transportation: Hilton Pasadena (168 S. Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101) may be reached from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) via shuttles, e.g., Super Shuttle (shared ride $23): 1-800-258-3826, or rent-a-car (ca. 45 minute drive).

Co-Sponsored by: IIR-ICSA-JIS; Institutional Co-Sponsors Welcome

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