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Re-Enchantment of the World?

    John Paul II--philosopher-poet-Pope--forged a grand new synthesis unmatched since Thomas Aquinasí Summa. It is timely, then, to ask how and why John Paulís vision of a new evangelization of culture may impact the Church and the world. A scholar whose many encyclicals sought to make religion accessible and relevant to the modern world, John Paul combined the moral courage of the Russian Nobel-winning author Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn with a major French Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritainís personalism that emphasized human dignity and universal spiritual yearnings, bridging East and West. Personal experience as a witness to Nazi and communist dictatorships in his native Poland sharpened his vision and prayer life, and contributed to his formation and pastoral calling rooted in Christian humanism. But it was his friendly demeanor, approachable personality, openness to all seekers, and bearings under physical afflictions that appealed to all and made John Paul II everyoneís Pope across geographical and cultural divides, prompting the call for his sainthood ("santo subito"). The question, thus, arises: What are the prospects for John Paulís quest for the evangelization of culture and the future of religion in a world that embraces a commercial ethos with highly atomized, self-referential individuals in a postmodern global society in search of common bonds? Can such a world experience re-enchantment by rediscovering St. Paulís cardinal virtues--faith, hope, and love--as the road energized by Christís promise of grace, mercy, and redemption?

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