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    Can randomness and divine Providence be reconciled within a larger theoretical framework that could shed more light on some of the most fascinating dilemmas faced by contemporary science, such as the question of fine-tuning, multiverse theories, determinacy and indeterminacy, randomness and design, and the equally challenging question that science poses to the Christian concept of divine Providence? Does quantum randomness imply that order can emerge absent providential intent? Or does quantum randomness still allow one to argue that the laws of nature are essentially intentional, and therefore providential? What are the philosophical and theological implications of randomness for the limits of human knowing and self-determination? Is human dependence on Providence fostered by randomness? How do randomness and Providence relate to the epistemic limitations of scientific methodologies and the human capacity to know the mind of God? What insights into randomness and Providence can help a humility theology more fully voice the admission that only God knows the mind of God, but that God’s “footprints” and “fingerprints” abound in creation, and are to be investigated and the resulting knowledge used for the common good? What patterns and grammars of plausible reasoning and assent from the natural and social sciences, arts, and mathematics to philosophy and theology are best fitted to a world in which randomness and/or Providence act? This confluence of science-philosophy-theology conundrums is the inspiration for JIS XXVII 2015, recalling Albert Einstein’s famous musing that “God does not play dice.”

Manuscript Deadline: March 1, 2015. Send 3 both-sided copies of: 15-25 page mss., each with a 150-word Abstract, typed, double-spaced, in-text citation format, author identification on a separate sheet (with postage for mss. return/SASE) to: Dr. O. Gruenwald, JIS Editor, IIR, 1065 Pine Bluff Dr., Pasadena, CA 91107, USA.  Early mss. submissions recommended. Inquiries: info @ See also Mss. Guidelines.

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