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    The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies celebrates its 25th anniversary of modeling interdisciplinary integration of the liberal arts with a call to explore the relevance of interdisciplinary studies for the next 25 years.  In the last two decades, interdisciplinary studies have blossomed into a challenging venue for innovation in teaching and research.  Remarkably, the natural sciences have turned to interdisciplinary engagement by the inner logic of discovery more than deliberate design. The National Academy of Sciences’ Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research confirmed the need for interdisciplinary approaches as the most relevant methodology for addressing major dilemmas confronting humanity in the 21st century.  The National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Association of American Universities also encourage interdisciplinary research.  But the greatest need for interdisciplinary integration is in the social sciences and humanities, which explore complex human interactions and designs for living, including socio-psychological, economic, political, cultural, and spiritual dimensions in an increasingly interconnected world.  The bourgeoning science-ethics-religion dialogue reflects a growing realization of the interdependence of all phenomena.  The outstanding question, then, is: What are the most promising interdisciplinary methodologies to reinvigorate teaching and research that can inspire the quest for new knowledge, problem-solving, and syntheses across all the arts and sciences, which would enhance our understanding of the human condition in the global village?  Which approaches model best an interdisciplinary integration of the liberal arts?  The urgency of this task is heightened by rapid scientific and technological advances which seem at times to outpace the human capacities to manage them for the common good.

Manuscript Deadline: March 1, 2014. Send 3 both-sided copies of: 15-25 page mss., each with a 150-word Abstract, typed, double-spaced, in-text citation format, author identification on a separate sheet (with postage for mss. return/SASE) to: Dr. O. Gruenwald, JIS Editor, IIR, 1065 Pine Bluff Dr., Pasadena, CA 91107, USA.  Early mss. submissions recommended. Inquiries: info @ See also Mss. Guidelines.

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