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think0{image0}.gif (1856 bytes) The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research is an independent research and educational think-tank co-founded by Dr. Oskar Gruenwald, author of The Yugoslav Search for Man, which inspired the creation of IIR-ICSA-JIS, and David Morsey, a Bible scholar and President of Harvester Mission, in 1983--the USA Year of the Bible.  IIR endeavors to rethink all areas of knowledge, theory and practice, and thus reinvent the university.  
   IIR=s aim is to increase understanding among academics, college students, and the public of the interrelatedness of all areas of knowledge across the disciplines--social sciences and humanities, arts and the natural sciences--and reconnect them once more with ethics and faith.  St. Thomas Aquinas fashioned a grand synthesis for the Middle Ages--an inspiration in the quest for a grand new synthesis for our age.  However, in our time, this quest is necessarily a collegial enterprise.  Hence a Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies.
   It is becoming increasingly clear that neither man nor his world can be fully understood from the standpoint of any single discipline.  A curious parochialization of understanding has attended the compartmentalization of knowledge along academic disciplines, fields, and subfields, and their insulation from transcendental values and faith.  Undoubtedly, specialization is necessary to advance knowledge.  However, there is an equally urgent need at the dawn of the Third Millennium for an integral vision of man and his world expressed in a dialogue between civilizations, cultures, and scientific disciplines.  Hence, IIR is dedicated to rekindling the spirit of free inquiry and academic excellence via research, publications, conferences, and public discussion.

IIR co-sponsors with ICSA and publishes:

bulletThe Journal of Inderdisciplinary Studies: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Interfaith Dialogue (ISSN 0890-0132), a peer-reviewed trilingual thematic annual.
bulletThe ICSA Newsletter (ISSN 1051-2772), an informative annual (free with IIR and ICSA membership).
bulletThe JIS Computerized Bibliography, 1989-2009 (ISSN 1066-8454).
bulletICSA World Congresses and Symposia: ICSA VI: Science & Religion; Berlin Symposium; Ethics Symposium; Globalization Symposium; ID-AI Symposium; IDEA Symposium; Freedoms Symposium; ICSA VII: Brave New World; JIS: The Next 25 Years; Does God Play Dice?; Freedom & Virtue; ICSA VIII: The Future of Religion.

   JIS seeks to recover the lost unity of Renaissance learning, while affirming transcendental values and faith, thus promoting dialogue across geographical, disciplinary, and denominational boundaries. JIS offers a much-needed forum for exploration and a publishing outlet for innovative scholarship, building bridges across the disciplines--a key to 21st-century literacy and curricular development. JIS provides constructive mentoring and peer-review, encouraging interdisciplinary, faith-informed, and in particular Christian scholarship at the cutting edge of knowledge, ethics and faith.  Nominated to Delta Tau Kappa, the International Social Science Honor Society, 1991.  In 1994, JIS was selected for indexing and abstracting in H. W. Wilson's Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (CD-ROM).

    Colleagues use JIS as a resource especially in Honors Programs, Liberal Studies, Religious Ethics, Science-Theology Dialogue, Russia and Eastern Europe, etc.  Five essays published in JIS won Templeton Awards for best published papers on science and religion. JIS is listed as an ethics resource in the Bureau of National Affairs' Codes of Professional Responsibility. Both JIS and its Editor are listed in Who=s Who in Theology and Science. JIS has two Merit Awards: The Oleg Zinam Award for Best Essay and the David Morsey Award for Best Biblical Exegesis.  See also: JIS Benefits.

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